Medicare and Medicare Advantage Insurance Threat and Threat Support

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Insurance Threat and Threat Support

While some Republican lawmakers are seeking to reduce the benefits of Medicaid and Medicare, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius runs her business not only to expand access to health care but also to improve the health care available. The focus of health reform seems to be shifting from the insurance market to the way hospitals provide medical care.

In saying, “Everyone in the United States should have better medical care and better costs,” Sebelius is traveling around the country promoting his Patient Association initiative. The goal of the association is to reduce the injuries patients suffer while they are hospitalized, including the number of new infections. She recalls that each year, the number of people who “die from hospital damage is greater than the number of people who die each year as a result of AIDS, breast cancer and car accidents combined.”

Sebelius plans not only to reduce hospital injuries by 40%, but also to reduce the need for hospital readmissions by 20% in three years. In exchange for up to $ 1 billion in Medicare funds from the 2010 Low Price Health Care Act, he estimates that his initiative could reduce Medicare costs by $ 50 billion over the next decade. The fate of Medicare and Medicare Advantage health insurance can be determined by the health care reform war.

Maximize Medicare and Medicare Advantage Insurance Benefits

While politicians come up with mixed ideas about Medicare funding, you have the power to make the most of your coverage, whether it depends on Medicare Original, a combination of Medicare and Medigap Insurance, or uses one of Medicare Advantage Plans as a substitute.In May, the Journal of the American Medical Association highlights how to improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs with a single strategy. It offers a complete review of clinical trials showing that exercise and physical activity help control blood glucose levels and diabetes.

Other studies show how exercise programs improve high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and triglycerides. The researchers also showed that cardiovascular and cognitive problems respond to exercise, which reduces premature deaths and improves quality of life. Using exercise to maintain your health makes it cheaper to supplement Medicare with the best Medicare supplement insurance. Good health makes it easy to navigate the medical underwriting departments that estimate how much your medical care will cost insurance companies. In good health you can get better rates and will not face exclusions in your coverage.